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    Jason Chappuies


    The SEO for my site does not seem to allow me to customize the SEO Title and Meta Description, It is using placeholder text that is being pulled directly from the site. When I check the meta description on the site it gives a snippet of the text with shortcodes like this:

    “Helping adults, couples, & teens with anxiety, trauma, and relationship turmoil [tm_pb_section admin_label=”

    Every time I try to change it in the backend and update the page, nothing is saved. Can you help? Thanks

    Jesse Owens

    Hi Jason-

    Thanks for reaching out, I know your SEO description is vitally important for getting traffic to your website.

    I checked out your site, and it looks like your description may already be fixed using another SEO plugin. I do want to caution you that you should only use one SEO plugin at the same time, there may be conflicts or unexpected behavior if you use BoldGrid Easy SEO together with another SEO plugin.

    Another possibility is that you may need to make sure to clear your cache after modifying the Title and Description. You’re using WP Super Cache, so look for the Delete Cache button in your top admin bar.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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